How do I connect HelpScout?

Head over to Integrations in the upper right hand corner. Once there, click on HelpScout. 

Copy the settings you see in this screen. You'll be heading back to HelpScout and setting up the rest of the integration there. 

In HelpScout, head over to Manage > Apps. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on "Build a Custom App."

Click on "Create App," select "Dynamic Content" from the "Content Type" dropdown, fill in the Callback URL and Secret Key and select the Mailboxes you'd like to display ChargeKeep content in. 

For App Name, you can select any name you'd like, e.g. Payments, Recent Payments, Customer Payments, etc.

Click Save and you're all set. Go into a conversation and you'll see the ChargeKeep app up and running in your sidebar.

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